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Alia Bay Guest House
A unique 3-bedroom, furnished, self-contained house overlooking Lake Turkana. Located near KWS park headquarters.

Campsites include the "Kampi ya Turkana" by the lakeshore and two campsites on the Rocondoni laga, a few kilometers inland from the park headquarters.

The Research Camp, located on the Koobi Fora Spit, has four dormitories as basic accommodation primarily for researchers.  This is run by the National Museums of Kenya and can be booked through them in Nairobi. These are equipped with beds, bedding, mosquito nets and towels. Three flush toilets and three showers are near the sleeping bandas and three more flush toilets are located by the dining/research banda.

The Museum Bandas are located 3 km south of the main camp, on a bluff overlooking the lake. These offer a peaceful location and scenic view, albeit a basic accommodation. A small but excellent museum is situated nearby and offers insight into the research and many discoveries made in this region. The three bandas can accommodate up to nine persons. An outhouse latrine is provided. Visitors must provide all food and beverages.

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While flying in to visit the Museum and having a glimpse of the fossil beds can be done in under two hours, most visitors go away wishing they had spent more time at Sibiloi. The reasonable rates and peaceful setting make Sibiloi ideal for a one- or many-night stay. A few of the possible activities include:

  • Jarigole Pillar Site: A pre-Iron Age burial complex, this giant mound is marked by standing pillars of basalt. The rich assemblages of fragmentary pottery, beads, and bone have been the objects of excavations by the Koobi Fora Field School for nearly a decade.
  • Sibiloi Fossil Forest: The flat-topped mesas of Sibiloi Mountain dominate the skyline at Alia Bay. The mountain is built of volcanic rocks some 12 million years old, and on the flanks of the mountain lie the fossilized logs of a forest buried by a volcanic eruption.
  • Karsa Waterhole: The most reliable of the region's waterholes, Karsa has always been a stopping point for explorers. Columnar basalts provide a dramatic backdrop for this rare pool of standing fresh water. Whether host to the local baboons and antelopes, or visiting herds of the local pastoralists, Karsa gives a unique glimpse of arid-land ecology.
  • Hasuma Forest Bird Walk: The Hasuma Forest is a gallery forest on the ephemeral river Il Alia. The largest such river in the region, it supports stands of Acacia and a thick undergrowth, rich in bird life. In the wet season, pools along the river hold catfish and crocodiles. Walk begins about 1.5 hours south of camp.
  • The Elephant, Crocodile and Tortoise: The three excavated fossil skeletons are located about 45 minutes south of camp. The elephant exposes a nearly complete, 1.9 million-year old relative of the modern Indian elephant. The Crocodile is an extinct fish eater, while the giant tortoise may have been a meal for early humans.
  • Koobi Fora Spit: For those who want a relaxing walk in the afternoon sun, the spit offers a pleasant hike with lots of birdlife and crocodiles. Now nearly four kilometers long, the tip of the spit is an afternoon project, but the sandy beaches and views of the volcanic North Island are enjoyable for any distance.
  • Fish Nest Walking Tour: A two-hour walking tour beginning 30 minutes south of camp that provides a nice introduction to the geology of the area, shows some of the sites where Meave and Richard Leakey have found fossil humans, identifies some of the common plants found in the park, and ends up with fossil fish nests!
  • Karari Archeological Sites: The Karari Escarpment is located 2 hours north of camp and is rich in archeological sites between 1.9 and 1.5 million years old. This tour visits two of the largest excavations, FxJj 20 and 50. While the excavated tools are now in Nairobi, the sites provide a unique setting for discussions of the evolution of tool use and technology.

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